My apologies folks, I've just realised this woodcraft section has been uploaded before it's ready, I'll try to fill the various blank pages as soon as possible.  Thanks for being understanding!

For me Woodcraft is the glue that helps to bind various outdoor activities together and make them more comfortable and enjoyable.  Being able to recognise plants, trees and shrubs and know if they produce edible fruit or have wood that burns well or has other properties a good thing.  The ability to spot wildlife oftens means that you are starting to tune into the natural world and be a part of it rather than being apart from it.

In these few pages I hope you'll find information to make your time out and about a pleasant and enjoyable experience.  While you will get a greater depth and experience from reading books by Ray Mears, Mors Kochanski and others.  I hope that the experiences of an ordinary bloke with a limited budget will help you feel that you too have a chance to get outdoors and enjoy this stuff without having been suckled by a she wolf or grown up with mountain men.  Or that you need to have a five figure salary with which to trawl the on-line shops for the latest must have bit of kit!