A Family Pootle on the Pocklington Canal

We manage to get out for a short family paddle yesterday afternoon on the Pocklington canal.  Our two boys, Charlie and Will aged four and one respectively.

Nothing dramatic, just grab a flask of hot water and a few sarnies, chuck the boat on the water at Melbourne and paddle to Gardham lock heading towards the Derwent.  A stop at the lock for a brew and a bite then return home.  Only a few miles, but lovely and sunny.  Charlie enjoyed his suitably sized paddle and Will trying to grab any floating item we passed.  They had a great time and on the way back were both asleep in the car in no time.

Just right for their first paddle of the year.

View of the canal as you look towards the Derwent.

Our lunch stop

Gardham lock, where we stopped for a pinic.

Again, looking towards the Derwent.

Jus Chillin moored up in front of the broken weed cutter.  A very important peice of kit later in the year.

Written by Al Girling

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