A short paddle on the Derwent

A phone call from Kev, a mate who's keen to get out canoeing, saw me heading for the Derwent for a nine o'clock start on the Sunday of the bank holiday weekend.  Just a couple of hours to refresh the soul you understand.

Kev's done a fair bit of messing about in other types of boats and is keen to to get a canoe and get his young family out enjoying the countryside around here.  So, after a bit of off-roading in Stan (Volvo V40) we launch Jus chillin downstream of Railway Bridge in Malton.

Jus Chillin ready to launch

We headed downstream first, to just passed the York Road Industrial Estate so that Kev had a chance to feel the speed of going with the flow.  An about turn and he got to feel the strength of the Derwents flow.  Up into Malton town and an opportunity to see some relics from the time when the river formed the life blood of the twin towns of Malton and Norton.

Here's looking downstream to Railway Bridge

Downstream to Railway Bridge

Likewise, looking back at County Bridge.

County Bridge from upstream

Nice spot, needed a Kingfisher though.

A nice stretch of Derwent

This is where the railway line crossed the Derwent on its way from Helmsley to Driffield before Mr Beeching started meddling.

Old bridge supports

We didn't go far, but the weather was very pleasant.  Kev certainly seemed to enjoy getting to grips with the different way in which a canoe reacts to paddle strokes.  He got on well and was pleasantly surprised at what a lovely river is on his doorstep.

So when are we going again Kev?

Written by Al Girling

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